Uniden SDS200 Police Scanner


Uniden SDS200 

Uniden SDS200  The SDS200 Police Scanner Radio is the base mobile version of the SDS100, the top selling scanner of the year. The Uniden SDS200 Scanner has the same features as the SDS100, plus some extra enhancements. 


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DMR  Uniden  Software  Upgrade  
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SP-800/50  Spider  Base  Station  
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JBC290M  BNC  Magnetic  (Vehicle  Mounting)  
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PC-SGM/BN  BNC  Glass  (Vehicle  Mounting)  
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BATG0540001  BNC  Deluxe  Telescopic  
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AT001  BNC  Suction  Cup  Mobile  
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High  Performance  REMTronix  UHF  BNC  
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Scanner Connection Cable
BWZG1977001  USB  Data  Transfer  Cable  
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BC7  7  Watt  External  Speaker  
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BC15  15  Watt  External  Speaker  
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BC20  20  Watt  External  Speaker  
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BC23A  23  Watt  Amplified  Speaker  
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AD744  Power  Adapter  
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Introducing the SDS200, Uniden’s latest and most advanced base/mobile digital trunking scanner. 

Uniden's SDS200 incorporates the latest True I/Q receiver technology, which provides the best digital decode performance in the industry

The SDS200’s other major features include:

  • TrunkTracker X
  • Direct Ethernet Connectivity for Streaming and Control
  • Complete USA/Canada Radio Database
  • Location Control for Simple Operation
  • 3.5″ Customizable Color Display
  • 1.5X Din-E (300 mm x 75 mm) chassis
  • Ext. Sp. Jack
  • Auxiliary USB Type A jack for future expansion
  • Ethernet connectivity for remote streaming and control*
  • Trunktracker X
    • APCO P25 Phase I and II
    • Motorola, EDACS, and LTR Trunking
    • MotoTRBO Capacity + and Connect +**
    • DMR Tier III**
    • Hytera XPT**
    • Single-Channel DMR**
    • NXDN 4800 and 9600**
    • EDACS ProVoice**
  • Location-Based Scanning
  • USA/Canada Radio Database
  • ZIP Code Selection for Easy Setup
  • GPS Connectivity for simple mobile operation
  • Close Call™ RF Capture with Do Not Disturb
  • 8 GB micro SD
  • Soft Keys for Intelligent UI
  • Recording, Playback, and Replay
  • Temporary Avoid
  • Fire Tone-Out Alert
  • System Analysis and Discovery
  • CTCSS/DCS/NAC/RAN/Color Code Decoding
  • S.A.M.E. Weather Alert
  • Enhanced Dynamic Memory
  • Preemptive Trunking Priority
  • Multi-Site System Scanning
  • Fully Customizable Scanning with your own Favorites Lists
  • Backlit Keypad
  • Channel Volume Offset
  • PC Programming and Control
  • USB Connectivity
  • Weekly Database Updates
  • Free Sentinel Software keeps the SDS200 database and memory up to date
  • Frequency Coverage:
      • 25-512 MHz
      • 758-824 MHz
      • 849-869 MHz
      • 895-960 MHz
      • 1240-1300 MHz


  • Included in the box:
    • AC Adapter
    • DC Adapter
    • Mobile power harness
    • USB Cable
    • MicroSD Card (installed)
    • BNC type Telescoping Antenna
    • Mounting Bracket and Hardware
    • Printed Material

  • -

    * Additional or 3rd-Party software may be required.

    ** Paid upgrades required for DMR, NXDN, and ProVoice monitoring

  • This device has been F.C.C. approved

  •  WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Instructions from Uniden’s Paul Opitz: 

Uniden SDS200 Police Scanner Radio: How to change the default from turning the screen off 

SDS200 Programming instructions

The factory default is for the display to stay on. However, if the setting in Sentinel is set to turn off after 10 seconds (which is the SDS100 default)  when you write to the scanner, that setting gets changed (unless you set it the way they want it in their profile)

Body Style Base - Mobile
Display Color Multicolor LCD
Keypad Backlit Keypad
Number Of Channels Virtually Unlimited
Programming Services Available Yes
Reception Type Analog - Trunking - Digital -Digital Phase ll
In The Box 1X- SDS200 Scanner - 1X- AC Adapter - 1X- DC Adapter - 1X-Mobile power harness 1X- USB Cable 1X- MicroSD Card (installed) - 1X- BNC type Telescoping Antenna - 1X- Mounting Bracket and Hardware - 1X- Printed Material
Antenna Connection BNC
Programming Difficulty Moderate
GPS Capable Yes
Operating System Supported Windows - 2000 - XP - Vista - 7 - 8 - 10
Manufacturer Uniden
Software Included Yes
DMR Capable (Paid Upgrade Required)
NXDN Capable (Paid Upgrade Required)
ProVoice Capable (Paid Upgrade Required)
System Upgrades DMR+NXDN+ProVoice (Paid Upgrade Required)

Scanner SDS200

By far the best scanner so far,I have been in it since I was a kid,The person that was talking about reception is right I have no problem you need to know how to place your antenna need to be in this for sometime to let you know the dues and dont’s of everything that you work with,I have no problem at all with this unit it’s clear and precise does everything I have asked of it,And more what a great unit.


SDS200 the Beast

I've been into scanners since the late 70's and this is by far the best release to date. I've seen some complaints on the internet referring issues with reception, well I think most of the people complaining just don't know how to work these radios honestly. This is by far the best scanner on the market you wont be disappointed -JIM

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Uniden SDS200 Police Scanner

Uniden SDS200 Police Scanner

Uniden SDS200 

Uniden SDS200  The SDS200 Police Scanner Radio is the base mobile version of the SDS100, the top selling scanner of the year. The Uniden SDS200 Scanner has the same features as the SDS100, plus some extra enhancements. 



    Can anyone tell me what the dimensions are for the SDS200 base scanner? I can't seem to find them anywhere. Thanks

    Size (L x W x H): 

    7 in. L x 5 in. W x 3 in. H

    Which Scanners have a built-in frequency database for the USA?

    The current database models are:







Uniden SDS200 Product Manual

Uniden SDS200 Manual by Bearcatwarehouse.com

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