Uniden SDS100 Digital Police Scanner



The Uniden SDS100 Police Scanner is another first for Uniden.

The SDS100 digital Scanner performance is better than any other police scanners in both simulcast and weak-signal environments.


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County Programming removes the guesswork, tedium, and frustration from manually programming your scanner for your area. Our programming department will preload your selected county/counties public safety frequencies so all you have to do is turn it on.
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Scanner Battery Cover For Larger Replacement Battery
Uniden Battery Cover BPS100 for the SDS100. This is the new Battery Cover for the SDS100 and fits the bigger battery BPS100 
SBCSDS100  Battery  Cover  (Use  With  BPS100)  
[Add $10.99]
Extra Rechargeable Scanner Batteries and/or Chargers
BPS100  Larger  Battery  (Requires  SBCSDS100  Battery  Cover)  
[Add $49.90]
Programming Software Upgrades
DMR  Uniden  Software  Upgrade  
[Add $75.00]
PROVOICE  EDACS  Uniden  Software  Upgrade  
[Add $75.00]
NXDN  Uniden  Software  Upgrade  
[Add $75.00]
Add USB Power Adapter (Wall)

AC Wall Charger for Scanners

RAPIDACUSB  USB  AC  Power  Adapter  5  Volt  2amp  
[Add $15.99]
Add USB DC Power Adapter (Car)

DC Power Adapter for Scanners

Dual  DC  Scanner  Power  Adapter  (For  The  Car)

Dual  DC  Scanner  Power  Adapter  (For  The  Car)  
[Add $16.99]
Add Extra Scanner Antenna
SP-800/50  Spider  Base  Station  
[Add $79.90]
JBC290M  BNC  Magnetic  (Vehicle  Mounting)  
[Add $29.90]
PC-SGM/BN  BNC  Glass  (Vehicle  Mounting)  
[Add $34.90]
Remtronix  High  Performance  Antenna  
[Add $39.99]
Add Antenna Accessories
BYYG1687001 SMA to BNC Adapter for SDS100
SMA  to  BNC  Adapter  for  SDS100  
[Add $15.90]
Add Carrying Case
A28100B  Nylon  Carrying  Case  For  SDS100  
[Add $24.95]
Scanner Connection Cable
BWZG1666001  USB  Data  Transfer  Cable/Charge  Cord  
[Add $22.90]
[Add $99.99]

*Shipping times are estimates based off of the information we receive from Uniden. 

  • APCO P25 Phase I and II
  • Motorola, EDACS, and LTR Trunking
  • Capacity + and Connect +*
  • NXDN 4800 and 9600*
  • EDACS ProVoice
  • Customizable Color Display
  • X
  • APCO P25 Phase I and II
  • Motorola, EDACS, and LTR Trunking
  • Capacity + and Connect +**
  • DMR Tier III**
  • XPT**
  • Single-Channel DMR**
  • NXDN 4800 and 9600**
  • EDACS ProVoice**
  • Location-Based Scanning
  • USA/Canada Radio Database
  • ZIP Code Selection for Easy Setup
  • Close Call™ RF Capture with Do Not Disturb
  • 8 GB
  • Soft Keys for UI
  • Recording, Playback, and Replay
  • Temporary Avoid
  • Fire Tone-Out Alert
  • System Analysis and Discovery
  • CTCSS/DCS/NAC/RAN/Color Code Decoding
  • S.A.M.E. Weather Alert
  • Enhanced Dynamic Memory
  • Preemptive Trunking Priority
  • Fully Customizable Scanning with your own Favorites Lists
  • Backlit Keypad
  • Channel Volume Offset
  • PC Programming and Control
  • USB Connectivity and Charging
  • Weekly Database Updates
  • Free Sentinel Software keeps the SDS100 database and memory up to date
  • Up to 8 Hours Operation on included LiIon Battery

    ** Paid Upgrade required.


    Accessories included in the box are:

    • AC Adapter
    • USB Cable
    • Hand Strap
    • MicroSD Card (installed)
    Lithium Ion Battery Pack
    • SMA-BNC Antenna Adapter
    • SMA type Antenna
    • Belt Clip
    • Printed Material

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              CLICK HERE TO GO BACK TO THE TOP OF THE PAGE

    Frequency Range:




WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Body Style Handheld
Display Color Multicolor LCD
Keypad Backlit Keypad
Number Of Channels Virtually Unlimited
Programming Services Available Yes
Reception Type Analog - Trunking - Digital -Digital Phase ll
In The Box 1X- SDS100 Scanner 1X- Accessories included in the box are: 1X- AC Adapter 1X- USB Cable 1X- Hand Strap 1X- MicroSD Card (installed) 1X- Lithium Ion Battery Pack 1X- SMA-BNC Antenna Adapter 1X- SMA type Antenna 1X- Belt Clip 1X- Printed Material
Antenna Connection SMA
Programming Difficulty Moderate
GPS Capable Yes
Operating System Supported Windows - 2000 - XP - Vista - 7 - 8 - 10
Manufacturer Uniden
Software Included Yes
DMR Capable (Paid Upgrade Required)
NXDN Capable (Paid Upgrade Required)
ProVoice Capable (Paid Upgrade Required)
Waterproof JIS4 Water Resistant
System Upgrades DMR+NXDN+ProVoice (Paid Upgrade Required)

Retired Law enforcement

The SDS100 updated new technology software radio works flawlessly out of the box.


A fine scanner for intelligibility of digital signals

A fine scanner to add to your collection. It has the vest available digital decoding and much better intelligibility of digital traffic than any previous scanner. It works best when used beside a Uniden BCT996 or BCT 996 P2 mobile scanner. This is mainly because the 996 scanners have a higher audio output. The 996 provides sufficient audio, but the SDS 100 provides the intelligibility. Another reason that they work best when paired is that the SDS 100 misses some traffic that the BCD 996 radios receive, especially the first second of a transmission. It may be that the BCD 996 units sample transmissions more efficiently and are able to receive the first second of transmissions better than the SDS100. I hope the mobile version of the SDS 100 will have louder audio (such as 5-6 db louder than the current maximum studio) and will sample for activity on its programmed frequently faster, preventing loss of the first half second or second of transmissions. The SDS 100 is a serious improvement on its predecessors. It had a problem with short battery life when first introduced, but this reportedly has been addressed with free replacement of the original battery. I have nit seen any spec on the mobile version of this scanner that would allay my concerns about the need for stronger audio output. I hope Uniden will address this issue in this amazing scanner.



I have used the SDS100 now alone and side by side with the BCD996P2, the SDS100 has much better clear audio and reception on P25 I and II and Nxdn, conventional is lower in volume but works good with an amplified speaker, more feedback on request jd buller


SDS100 Review

Just got the SDS100, The "New" battery seems bigger than the previous version I've seen online, however I'm happy with this purchase the battery lasts 8 hours and it scans with Lightning speed.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Great unit for vhf high band!

The SDS 100 is great receiving vhf which is still in high use in central Mississippi and Alabama along with P25, DMR and NXDN. Having this radio a few weeks has been proven to be what was needed after the bcd 436hp lacked. Now awaiting long life battery to give SDS100 five star rating! Thank you!



Pretty good radio. I'm Enjoying it so far.


SDS100 Review

This model has a high price tag, however it preforms perfectly so I believe the price to be justified. I needed DMR upgrade which other sites had advertised for $100! Bearcat only charged me $75! I enjoyed the Purchasing process and the folks their look forward to future purchases from your company.


Very cool but....

I've owned almost EVERY scanner Uniden has made. Although I've only had the SDS100 for about an hour I can tell you this as a 436 and 536 pro. The belt clip totally sucks, They and ALL manufactures should use commercial style " MOTOROLA STYLE " clips for such expensive radios! I dropped mine trying to clip it to my belt. That really pissed me off! Then there's the battery issue. Uniden placed a yello tag in the box stating the battery sucks and doesn't last long so they're working on a better one that they will send to you for FREE when they figure it out. total BS! They should have kept it AAA batery operable or at least made a drop in charger and spare battery for serious operators. At this price I expected better planning! Not impressed!


True I/Q Scanner Review

The SDS100 Is finally here, I scan conventional and trunked frequencies this radio covers both seamlessly. I'm very happy with the range and response time of this radio.



There was a lot of hype behind this radio I reserved one as soon as I got wind of pre-orders going out. I will say the SDS100 lives up to the hype this really captures everything with lightning fast efficiency, I do recommend picking up an 800Mhz antenna when purchasing. If your a big scanner buff you'll be extremely impressed with this radio.


The SDS 100 did not disappoint!

I was so excited when I heard of this radio. The scanner I've been using since buying when my areas system went digital. When I got that new radio I was sorely disappointed. The system in use was simulcast and it seemed like only half of the broadcasts were understandable. I tied several antennas and such with out success.
I ordered the SDS100 feeling hopeful but did not let my hopes get too high. I was not disappointed when it arrived. Not only was the simulcast distortion gone but all the broadcasts were crystal clear. Even the squelch at the beginning and end of a broadcast were gone. I was so happyto have clear sound after years of mud.
The other thing I love is that I can lock on. "System", "Department", or "channel". It's the locking on a department that I love. I could lock on the other two before but now I could just hear all my cities fire, and police channels alone when needed.
I love this scanner and I will no doubt learn many more trick this radio has. It is so different than the ones I have used over 53 years of scanning. I recommend it to anyone who wants to get rid of the simulcast distortion. It works.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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Uniden SDS100 Digital Police Scanner

Uniden SDS100 Digital Police Scanner

The Uniden SDS100 Police Scanner is another first for Uniden.

The SDS100 digital Scanner performance is better than any other police scanners in both simulcast and weak-signal environments.



    Why does my handheld scanner not stay fully charged?

    If there is any sort of glitch in the power, it will reset the charging dock. Therefore, the screen will continue to state it is charging.

    How do I turn on this scanner?

    Handheld scanners are powered on by pressing the power button which has the Universal Power symbol:  

    How can I change the opening splash screen on the SD100 and SD200 scanners? I would like to enter my owner information as is allowed on other scanners.

    In the BCDx36HP Programming software, you would need to edit profile, Then under the display options tab, you'll see "Opening Message", Remove the current information under this and fill in the desired information you need. 

    Which Scanners have a built-in frequency database for the USA?

    The current database models are:







SDS100 Owners Manual (1)

Owners manual Included with the SDS100

Download (1.79M)

BCDx36HP Sentinel

Downloadable Software for the SDS100

Download (13.15M)