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It is great fun using police scanners at NASCAR, Indy or other truck or auto racing events. Police Scanners allow you to hear drivers talking with the spotters, pit crews, team chiefs and others you’ll also hear track security race officials and more. Listen to the actual race strategy as it happens in real time!

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  • The BC125AT Race Package is perfect for Nascar fans! This package includes the BC125 Scanner and two RE-24 Phantom headsets. EXPERT NASCAR PROGRAMMING AVAILABLE Included 1 x BC125AT 2 x RE-24 Phantom Headsets 1 x RE-66 Splitter

  • The BC125AT Performance Race Package is the ultimate bundle for Nascar fans! This package includes the BC125AT Scanner and two RE-24 Phantom headsets, RT-66, Stubby Race Antenna, A2827 Nylon Carrying Case and much more! EXPERT NASCAR PROGRAMMING AVAILABLE Included -1- BC125AT-2- RE-24 Phantom headsets -1- RT-66 Splitter-1- Stubby Race Antenna-1- A2827...

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