Digital Police Scanner Radios

Shop the complete Line of Uniden Bearcat Police Scanners Radios. Expert Programming, Free Technical Support, easy returns. 

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  • Phase II

    Find the full line of Phase II Capable Uniden digital police scanners on sale at including BCD436hp, BCD536hp, bcd325p2, bcd996p2, homepatrol-2 SDS100 and SDS200. 

  • Handheld

    Uniden Digital Handheld police scanners, also known as portable scanners, can be used in the home, in the car, or walking around town. Uniden Handheld Police Radios run on batteries, but the radios can also be run off wall-power with an included AC adapter. 

  • HP Series

    Shop the full line of Uniden Home Patrol Series Police Scanner Radios.

  • Base & Mobile

    Uniden Base/Mobile police scanners are both Desktop Scanners, which are used at home or office and run on AC, and Base/Mobile Scanner, that can be used the same as a Desktop Scanner or in a car or truck.  They can run on AC and DC power.  

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